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Marazen Tiles is one of the cutting edges and leading manufacturers and exporters of porcelain slab, porcelain tiles, full body tiles, ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, subway tiles, soluble salt tiles, and sanitary ware products. We work innovatively to serve the customers' needs and necessities as our top-notch priority and provide the one-stop ceramic and porcelain tiling and sanitary ware solution to redesign and plan residential, commercial, and workspaces.

We are dutiful to hand out the esteemed customers at the highest significance and work in a row to keep informed the porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles and sanitary ware catalogue at monthly intervals with freshness and distinction prerequisites. We work continuously to follow and adopt the latest technologies and procedures to produce innovative porcelain slab, ceramic wall tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic floor tiles, full body tiles, subway tiles, soluble salt tiles, and sanitary ware products. It is practised to become one of the utmost facets globally in the tiles industry's sphere by increasing our market presence and supply networks. Marazen Tiles porcelain slab, porcelain tiles, ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, full body tiles, subway tiles, soluble salt tiles, and sanitary ware products demand is on the rise in leaps and bounds.

A super Nature

Marazen Tiles did not stop with the materials traditionally used to produce ceramics. In the industrial process, design and experimentation go hand in hand. The technological lab works every day to raise the level of quality of products, thanks to production tests and non-stop research into raw materials, which has led to significant novelties in the formation of the bodies. One of the solutions implemented was to add the typical elements borrowed from other similar sectors, such as the porcelain industry, referred to as ‘white gold’ for centuries.

This was a stroke of genius. The enhanced wealth of raw materials made it possible to raise the level of quality of products, especially for the Laminam Bianco Assoluto body, whose pureness is a benchmark for the industry.

The ongoing pursuit of perfection

We are a constantly evolving business, so we can market increasingly sophisticated products, capable of combining aesthetic perfection with technological perfection and guarantee an extensive range of application possibilities. Accordingly, our surfaces are the result of years of experimentation, through the combination of different materials which have successfully passed the selection processes we subjected them to.

We have given rise to solutions that replace more traditional ones, paying particular attention to the finishes. Our laboratories have come up with Fiamma, Lisci, Lucidi, structural (flame-patterned, smooth, polished, and textured) effects. All in order to differentiate our products as much as possible, so they resemble natural materials as closely as possible.

The result: the bodies which Marazen Tiles uses for its slabs. The most precious and popular of all is Bianco Assoluto, which constitutes a genuine feather in the brand’s cap. Made with the most prized raw materials, it is used for the paler surfaces, which recall precious materials, such as marble. This is an exclusive product, which only Marazen Tiles is in a position to supply for multiple application possibilities.
Other bodies in different shades and colors are used and put together to cover a broad chromatic spectrum of products, ranging from Nero Assoluto (pitch black) to more (brown), beige, and Avorio (ivory). The fundamental characteristic of all Marazen Tiles products is having chromatic continuity between the body and the surface.
Impeccable colors are accompanied by a focus on product quality. Each slab has to have characteristics that comply with the company parameters. To ensure this, mechanical resistance tests are conducted at various processing stages, on the expansion coefficients, on the temperatures, and on many other factors such as neuroplasticity.

The versatility that does not forget the beauty

Our slabs are the balanced combination of a selection of the finest raw materials, ongoing pursuit of uniqueness and technology that makes use only of the most modern and efficient processes and machinery.
At the heart of it all is inspiration.
Our R&D department constantly explores new creative possibilities, teaming a flair for design with ceramic know-how which makes it possible to achieve a perspective with an industrial vantage point, thanks to which aesthetic styling constantly liaises with functionality and sustainability.
The creative process is therefore directed towards logics of scale, so that inspiration is met with a concrete application on slabs of various thicknesses and sizes.

The design versatility that distinguishes Laminam is the strength of an approach which combines craftsmanship versatility with industrial ability. A process that not only has to accommodate technical requirements, but which must also be capable of contributing towards replicating the natural beauty of the inspiring subjects.
This is the only way we can guarantee architects, designers and interior designers products built to stand the test of time thanks to their quality and which accommodate all possible needs, whether aesthetic or application-based, thanks to their very beauty.

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